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How to Cure and Prevent Diseases of Aging  

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Sooner or later, starting from forty, each woman knows     various disorders: general tiredness, overweight, sexual problems and urinary problems, joint stiffness, cardiovascular troubles, memory losses, irritability, and tendency to depress. Those problems are generally treated wrongly with the “classical Hormonal Replacement Therapy” (HRT) that produced breast cancers leading to class actions.

It must be known that a woman produces daily more male hormone than female hormone. Mainly disorders of menopause are due to a disease easy to diagnose androgenic menopausal disease that is the start point of sexual aging and diseases of aging.

In Madrid 2015, Georges Debled MD presented this topic in a congress of the Sociedad Española de Medicina Antienvejecimiento y Longevidad (SEMAL). Till then, generally, androgenic menopausal disease was unrecognized by doctors, as it was never described before.

But androgenic menopausal disease has a commencement around forty, and sometimes before. That condition produces a pathologic fall in production of dihydrotestosterone, the strong sexual hormone and, consequently, sexual aging that produces pain during intercourse, cystitis, urgencies, lack of libido.

With time, lack of androgens induces diabetes, high cholesterol, arterial rigidity and hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, hearing and eye troubles, nervous breakdown, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. This book explains the mechanisms of sexual aging, urinary problems, and diseases of aging since their early stages; and how to prevent them with mesterolone a safe mimetic of dihydrotestosterone. This should be a priority for everyone who want to live a strong longevity beyond eighty.

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