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According to the World Health Organization, by 2020 the number of elderly people aged of 60 years and more will have crossed the billion, including more than 700 million living in the countries in process of development.

Because the crescent number and proportion of elderly people , more and more of people will reach an age where the chronicle debilitating disease risk is appreciably higher. Aging represents a new and major problem for the public health, as well at the national and international level. The fight against the announced geriatric catastrophe is a now priority.

HMS WORLD was created by Doctor Georges Debled, Associate Professor, to valuate material and intellectual means in order to fight against aging diseases

Treatments are founded on clinical discoveries and on an experience of more than forty years. Clinical studies of each patient are founded on the most recent data of science  and are the subject clinical studies of the Georges Debled MD. Research Foundation.

Health Maintenance Systems

The maintenance of the organism is controlled at every moment by a complex biochemical system. The current data of science already make it possible to control the essential factors. Among them, vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids. The detection and the well-proportioned substitution of hormonal deficiencies related to aging make it possible to avoid degradations of organism’s structures.

Biochemical profiles

A constant “interior medium” is the expression of a good health. Chronic tiredness and poor form often reflect a biochemical
deterioration of the organism which the current analyses cannot detect. The Georges Debled MD. Research Foundation developed the study of coordinated biochemical factors related to health’s maintenance. Hormonal profile, oxidative stress profile, fatty-acids profile and genetic profile are under valuation.

Results’ valuation

Are made under the direction Georges Debled MD. Associate Professor and The Georges Debled MD. Research Foundation’s consultants.

HMS WORLD organize activities of the  Georges Debled MD.Research Foundation.

Forty years' experience for aging’spreventive hormonal treatment

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