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Understanding diseases of aging: ageless woman

Errors in menopause treatment

The health maintenance  system is founded on the balance of  androgens 
(included precursors and derived from Testosterone)

It is the study of individual biochemistry which guides the treatment because each one ages at its manner. The biochemical study makes it possible to determine the amount necessary to take, according to the quantity of missing hormone and according interactions that this treatment will start on secretion of the other hormones.

This page develops in short some current knowledge on the hormonal "anti aging" treatment “. Let us see initially some principles on DHEA, growth hormone (GH), thyroxin and cortisone.


When there is no symtom there is no disease and if there is no disease a hormonal treatment is not necessary


DHEA has no sexual effect

DHEA  is not a hormone. The hormonal receptor of  DHEA was never shown.
DHEA is a biochemical precursor of testosterone (of which the cellular receptor is universal).This transformation into testosterone is realizable only by a specific enzymatic path in the cells that “produce” testosterone.

The introduced DHEA in the organism is transformed a little into testosterone but especially into “androsterone” which has light androgenic properties.
The introduced DHEA is also transformed into a series of biochemical components.
The use of the DHEA will never replace the effect of the “finished” hormone, the testosterone.
The DHEA is not a “mysterious hormone”. It is a natural molecule, as sugar. Its molecular composition is known since its discovery by Butenandt in 1936 which received the Nobel Prize for this discovery which led to the synthesis of testosterone.

The DHEA does not have any sexual action in man.
There exist counter-indications for DHEA (breast cancer, pregnancy,  prostate problems )

Prescribing a standard daily dose of 50 or 25 milligrams acts against all senses and is a negative direction. Any treatment must be adapted. 10 milligrams of DHEA per day is already much.
As the DHEA is transformed into many distinct chemical components, it is necessary to check these various transformations by checking these chemical molecules not only in blood but also their metabolites  in the urine. . Simple blood tests for DHEA are not enough to understand the control of the treatment.

In the Nineties certain authors wonder whether the DHEA was not the Fountain of Youth? iN 2003 a scientific publication (followed by others) wonders:Is the Fountain of Youth dried up?” (download).

Growth hormone (GH) (is not an anti aging treatment ! Be prudent!)

There exist dwarves centenaries (who do not secrete growth hormone) whereas giants (who secrete too much growth hormone) do not exceed fifty years.
Very recent studies show the negative effect of the growth hormone on longevity:

GH is oxidative.pdf :The growth hormone causes an oxidative stress. 

GH and cardiac disease.pdf: It is not proven that the administration of growth hormone is favorable at the cardiac one.

GH and higher mortality.pdf: The administration of growth hormone accelerates the mortality of the very ill patients.

http://georgesdebled.org/GH Somatopause to treat or not.pdf: The treatment by the growth hormone is not founded.

2007 - Patients with congenital deficiency of IGF-I seem protected from the development of malignancies: a preliminary report : IGF1, growth factor, is stimulated by GH (growth hormone) which consequently enhances cancer growth.

2008 - Longevity is linked with receptor's resistance to the growth factor IGF1 This finding implicates a negative effect of Growth hormone on longevity !

Administration of growth hormone can be advised only after having practiced a specific biological clarification and functional  specific tests to practice preferably in department of endocrinology. Administration of growth hormone cannot be made in a random way, as it is too often seen (even under the pretext of administrate small amounts)


The administration of this hormone is indicated only in hypothyroidism which is a well-known disease.

 A treatment is not justified in  absence of specific symptoms.


The administration of this hormone is indicated only in the shown hormonal insufficiencies. 

A treatment is not justified in  absence of specific symptoms.